Professional pneumatic suspension repair service

  • Diagnostics
  • Repair of pneumatic compressors
  • Consultations
  • Repair of pneumatic shock absorbers
  • Repair of pneumatic air springs
  • Preventive maintenance

5 reasons to turn to us

  • 01 Suspension If the front or rear suspension has fallen
  • 02 Air pump If the air pump turns on too frequently
  • 03 Absorbers Unusual noise from the shock absorbers
  • 04 Indicator The error indicator appears on the dashboard
  • 05 Check-up It's time for the annual check-up

Full range of services

Определим причину поломки!

We will accurately determine the main cause of damage to Your pneumatic suspension and identify the chain of causes for the operational disturbance.

We won't randomly replace various elements – we start work only after a two-step diagnosis. This is a precise, high-quality, and, most importantly, affordable repair guarantee. Ultimately, a complete replacement of the air spring is sometimes not necessary; it's sufficient to repair only a specific component.

We solve all problems – from minor to serious. You won't need to go anywhere else and spend Your time and energy.

We will assist You promptly and within the agreed timeframe. Standard damage prevention parts are always available, so in most cases, we can perform the job without unnecessary delays!

100% professional approach

The cost of repairs

We can provide an exact price for pneumatic suspension repair only after diagnostics.

It is necessary to determine the cause of the malfunction, the level of complexity, the cost of spare parts, and the scope of work. If the question is only about repairing the air spring, you can choose the repair option:

Economic segment

We can replace or repair only those parts that are defective.

The warranty for replaced pneumatic spring parts is 12 months.

Premium segment

All components are replaced, thoroughly cleaned, and new parts are installed.

The warranty for the entire pneumatic spring is 24 months.

Not sure what's broken? That's normal

Only a professional, after a complete diagnosis, can confidently state:
  • What the problem is;
  • How to resolve it;
  • How much it will cost;
  • How long it will take;

Diagnostic costs start from 50 euros, depending on the car model/brand.

If you choose to proceed with further repairs with us, the diagnostic fee will be waived!

What cars do we service?

We service light vehicles, SUVs, and electric cars

Remote parts repair

We provide services both on-site and beyond!

If you are from another city and have taken out the parts in another service, you can send them to us. We will repair them and send everything back to you using Omniva/DPD parcel machines.

Contact us for more detailed information.

Environmental responsibility

The production of new pneumatic air springs using recycled plastic and aluminum casings obtained from used springs is a significant ecological initiative based on several European Union environmental programs and directives.

Compliance with various important EU environmental laws, including waste, eco-design, vehicle scrappage directives, and REACH regulations, demonstrates our company's commitment to high environmental safety and sustainability standards. This is not only an important step towards ensuring ecological sustainability but also a central factor for our company's future success and growth in the modern, environmentally informed world.

We genuinely care about the environment and strive to minimize the negative impact on ecology. Therefore, we adhere to the following guidelines.

Compliance with the Waste Directive (2008/98/EC)
Waste Reduction: The production of pneumatic air springs using recycled plastic and aluminum is aimed at waste reduction, aligning with the main objective of the directive.
Resource Efficiency: The use of recycled materials promotes an increase in resource efficiency, aligning with the principles of the circular economy.
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Compliance with the Eco-design Directive (2009/125/EC):
Product Eco-design: Integrating eco-design into the production of pneumatic air springs reduces their environmental impact.
Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Effective use of materials and energy in the manufacturing process contributes to achieving the goals of the energy efficiency directive.
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Compliance with the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (2000/53/EC)
Utilization and Recycling: The project supports the objectives of the directive aimed at improving the utilization and recycling of vehicle components.
Waste Reduction: The reuse of old air spring parts contributes to the overall reduction of waste volume.
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No issues with the pneumatic suspension?
Let it stay that way!

Performing preventive maintenance on the pneumatic suspension once a year is crucial. It is much more cost-effective than repairing issues that have already started.

We will inspect, clean, adjust, and extend the service life of the pneumatic suspension.

Protect yourself and prevent damages!
Schedule preventive maintenance service.

Customer reviews

We will assist even in the most challenging cases
Konstantins Zascerinskis
Все супер. Отправили стойки для моей модели, 
и потом только отправил свои им назад. Так сказать на обмен. Хорошое качество, приемлимые цены, бесплатная доставка по прибалтике.
Valerija Belasova
Ļoti ātra un kvalitāta apkalpošana,visu sīki paskaidroja,palīdzēja pa telefonu,ātra piegāde.un ļoti jauks Serviss Preces kvalitāte superīga Liels paldies par sadarbību ☺️
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Cepuri nost! Braucu no rīta uzsprāga spilvens,pazvaniju paprasīju vai nevar pec iespējas ātrāk sataisit...teica ,lai braucu šurp. Vēl bija mašinas uz pacēlāja,bet atrada man laiku,2 stundas un braucu laimīgs tālāk!!!!👏👍
Andris Treilībs
Meistari atsaucīgi, bez vajadzības un konsultācijas nekādus papildus darbus neveic. Esmu pateicīgs un apmierināts👌
Maksims Skopinovs
Молодцы! Быстро и эффективно нашли и исправели проблему которую не могли найти дилеры. Советую...
Михаил М
Ребята своё дело знают. И видно, что стремятся развиваться в качестве. Рекомендую 👍
Jevgēnijs Gribs
Отличное качество, всё чётко, обслуживание 
на высшем уровне! 5+ звёзд
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Ļoti ātrs un kvalitatīvs pneimo piekaru remonts un protams atsaucīgi un laipni darbinieki,tā tik turpiniet🤩🤩
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Ātri kvalitatīvi un profesionāli. 👍👍👍
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Ātrs serviss, lieliska apkalpošana!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

What sounds or noises could indicate problems with the pneumatic suspension?
Unusual knocks, scratches, or other abnormal sounds during movement may indicate damage to the pneumatic suspension. Immediate diagnostics are necessary.
What to do if the car leans strongly to one side while driving?
Uneven tilt may be related to a pressure imbalance in the pneumatic suspension or wear of the shock absorbers. It is recommended to consult professionals for diagnostics and repairs.
How to determine if a shock absorber replacement is needed in the pneumatic suspension system?
Intense vibrations, loss of comfort during movement, or deterioration in handling can indicate the need to replace the pneumatic suspension shock absorber.
Recommendations for adjusting suspension height according to different operating conditions?
Depending on the load, speed, and road type, adjusting the suspension height may be necessary to ensure optimal comfort and driving performance.
How often should a check for leaks in the pneumatic suspension system be performed, and what signs indicate such issues?
Regular visual inspections to identify the presence of moisture around pneumatic elements and a loss of vehicle level can help detect problems with leaks in the pneumatic suspension system.
What to do if the vehicle level in the pneumatic suspension changes on its own?
Such a change in level may be related to leaks, compressor issues, or damage to height sensors. It is recommended to perform diagnostics and repairs at an authorized service center.
How do temperature changes affect the operation of the pneumatic suspension, and how can it be countered?
Extreme temperature changes can impact the pressure in the pneumatic suspension. It is recommended to periodically check and adjust the pressure according to operating conditions to ensure the stability of the suspension's operation.
What properties are important for the maintenance of pneumatic suspension when operating in conditions of extreme temperature fluctuations?
In the case of temperature fluctuations, regular checks for leaks, pressure control, and the condition of components are important. Careful maintenance helps prevent problems associated with extreme temperatures.
How does humidity affect the pneumatic suspension, and how to avoid it?
Humidity in the pneumatic suspension can cause corrosion of components and accelerate wear. Regular checks for leaks, ensuring system tightness, and promptly addressing issues will help prevent the impact of humidity and maintain reliable suspension operation.
What consequences can result from improper operation of the pneumatic suspension system, and how to prevent them?
Improper operation can lead to component wear, leaks, loss of comfort, and deteriorating handling. Regular maintenance, following operating recommendations, and promptly addressing potential issues will help prevent serious consequences.
Do you simply need spare parts? You can purchase them through our online store.